phillip island chocolate factory, newhaven

Sweet Mamma chocolate dreams! Panny’s Chocolate Factory that rests beside the road as you head through the island is a coco-lover’s haven and the kids will be impressed too. The factory is a shop, cafe and interactive museum all in one. Tours are self guided and take families through the entire process of chocolate making from bean to packaging. You will visit Dame Edna, the chocolate train, the 3D zoetrope all before hitting the side show ally, the chocolate waterfall (YES - A WHOLE WALL OF CHOCOLATE) and the penguin robots. Although there is not a lot to sample within the tour, you will be craving it once you finish! And as luck will have it - the cafe and shop is filled to the eyeballs with chocolatey goodness. 

Mamma’s special mention: on rainy days you will see this place practically overflowing with peeps, consider this a friendly warning!


the nitty gritty

7 Days
9-5pm April - September
10-6pm October -March 

Entry Fees Apply

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Phillip Island Road, Newhaven, Phillip Island

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