little creatures, balwyn

Mamma loves watching her little creatures play in a new environment, use their imaginations, share with other kids and enter an entire world of make believe. If that sounds like your cherubs, you will love what is on offer at Little Creatures.

This playspace is not your typical indoor playcentre with giant slides and climbing frames. Rather, the space is available for your kiddies to explore and make their own mini-worlds. Play shopkeeper at the supermarket, have a tinker at the work bench, dress up in the wardrobe, get prepared at the fire station, climb some soft play blocks, and - the spot you will undoubtably find my kids - the play kitchen making cinos of course! 

There are no hidden corners and children can be supervised from the tables or the couches while Mamma has a coffee. It’s clean, friendly and so colourful! There are activity programs held in the playcentre throughout the week that provides great variety and no doubt, there will always be something new to explore with each visit. 

Have you spotted the famous kids entertainer and yoga extraordinaire Fairy Mary? Mary and her hubby Theo have recently become owners of this great play cafe and they are SO thrilled to have a space of their own to run parties and entertain kids. After 18 years of being a travelling fairy, flying from party to party, this is her new happy place!

Mamma's special mention: Activities happen here twice daily, every day of the week. Mamma highly recommends visiting for a yoga session or a science class with our buddy Alice from STEM Tots. All sessions are included with entry. CLICK HERE to see what is happening today.

the nitty gritty

9:00am - 3:30pm

Weekends are for parties and private bookings

1yo+  $10
6-12 months $5
Adults and children under 6 months FREE

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Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

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