hedgend maze, healesville

Is there are more beautiful place to lose some children? The Hedgend Maze is a DELIGHTFUL place to spend the morning, afternoon or even the ENTIRE day. Amazing views, a dozen different games and places to explore and full cafe facilities makes this family friendly venue one of the most treasured places to visit in Healesville. The main attraction is the Hedge Maze. This giant has 1.2km of pathway and is filled with cryptic clues to solve along the way. Or just like Mamma - run through the maze as fast as you can not not try and scare the toddler by disappearing behind the next wall. Beside the main attraction is a more child friendly native maze that is at waist height (or toddler head height) making it a little bit more fun to explore for a little tacker. There are also lateral thinking puzzles, an eye-spy and a tangled web to explore. Once you have had enough thinking, the little ones will LOVE digging for dinosaurs, having a hit of mini golf and flinging the Frisbee around. All activities (apart from laser sports that run on school holidays) are included in the price of admission so be sure to give everything a go - even if your kids just pick up the golf ball and drop it in the hole.

Mamma's special mention: There are some cute chooks on site, near the carpark. Be sure to visit them before you leave. Healesville has plenty of things for the kids including the awesome bike track at Queen's Park and the adorable Train Park opposite the Yarra Valley Railway. 

the nitty gritty

 Monday, Thursday, Fridays
10am - 4pm

ALL School Holidays, Weekends and Public Holidays
10am - 5:30pm

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