blackburn north gnome village, blackburn north

Local treasure is what we are all about. Nothing SCREAMS treasure like searching for it on your morning walk. The locals in Blackburn North are bringing community spirit back and have their very own Gnome Village along the Koonung Creek Trail, close to Slater Reserve, and Mamma LOVES IT!

The sign reads “So Freddie found this garden and he decided to stay. If you want to join in, then leave him a friend to play” We are not sure exactly which gnome is Freddie, but we love them all. The idea is simple and is the most beautiful discovery to be made as a family - especially if you keep it a surprise to the kids! When you discover the village, you can walk amongst the garden on little tracks and visit all the friends up close. See if they can spot Yoda, or some cows or even a couple of meerkats.

As with all beautiful community projects - look after them so we can all enjoy them!

Mamma's special mentions: The village can be found behind the stadium at Slater Reserve where there is also a playground. You can also make it a full adventure with a cafe stop off (or two) with both Toast and Battle located in walking distance from the trail.

the nitty gritty

no facilities - walking trail - dogs permitted - playground nearby - cafes in walking distance