ambulance victoria museum, bayswater

REMINDER FAMILIES - entry has been changed for families on FRIDAYS only,
between 9:00 - 11:00AM

What an absolute hidden delight. A shed, in Bayswater, filled to the brim with ambulances! The Ambulance Victoria Museum is simple and awesome. It is home to a collection of 18 emergency vehicles and every conceivable piece of paramedic memorabilia to match. The ambulances themselves range from the historical army days, some funky 70s wagons, right up to the modern day MICA Ford Territory. The museum itself is a read-and-look type of facility, although you can let the little ones sit in the drivers seat of the army trucks if they are keen, as well as have a good look through the windows of all the others. Admission is a simple donation upon entry and you can stay as long or as little as you please. The curator of the collection Chas, is a lovely retired paramedic and is happy to tell you all about the collection. Be prepared to have your little ones chirping “weee-wooo-weee-wooo’ for your entire visit!

Mamma’s special mention: Bayswater is a great place to visit, especially the Marie Wallace Train Park. You might even drive past some fire trucks if you head here after visiting the Ambulances.

the nitty gritty


Friday only for families
9:00 - 11:00AM

Donation upon entry

For group bookings more info (including school groups) contact Chas Martin
03 9725 7826 or 0428 813 385

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