the true fairies

Bringing magic to all our little friends near and far, are the True Fairies. This beautiful eastie based entertainment company make all your little fairy prince and princesses’ dreams come true. Providing mystical and immersive party experiences, these ladies, whoops, I mean Fairies, know how to entertain and let little imaginations fire. They have a bunch of stories from the fairy kingdom, answer all the questions the kids inevitably have and play countless games with everyone. Having a Fairy at your next kids party is a MUST. The adults had all the time in the world to chat while the children had the time of their lives.

There are other ways you can experience the True Fairy magic without hosting a party. The first and probably the best way doesn't involve leaving the house. Simply book in a time to meet a Fairy via the portal. A video call on your computer is made to your child at a pre-arranged time. After you add some personal details, like their favourite things to do, who is in their family or even a special message you would like the Fairy to pass on the little ones get to chat in real life to a fairy. There are lots of happy birthday calls, special occasion chats and even dummy removal sessions! Bubs was transfixed throughout her entire video call and the visuals really made Fairy Sunshine look super tiny! 

The second way to experience some magic is through their school holiday programs. Held in local venues, the princesses will entertain the children with stories, songs and games. There are always different themes too, with recent holiday programs including Harry Potter wizardry and Jedi training camps!

Mamma's special mention: Looking for an entertainer but maybe not a fairy? The team specialise in all things magical: Fairies, Mermaids, and Wizards, however they can make Super Heroes and Pokemon come to life. Click here for all the party options - INCLUDING Christmas parties!

the nitty gritty

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