tullamore estate playspace on phar lap drive, doncaster

This is the THIRD of the great playspaces at Tullamore Estate (the OLD Eastern Golf Club in Doncaster). Although it was built first, this park space is hidden further into the side streets compared to the Heritage Boulevard Play Space and there is less parking for outside visitors. BUT this playground is BRILLIANT.

Suited to your older adventurers, there is a stack of climbing, rope walking and play at great heights. Our keen 3.5 year old was outdone by outer ring of climbing structures but was not deterred from the central play structure with that wicked slide! 

For the kids in the in between stages of confidence, there are still treasures at ground level. A double seesaw, upright musical tubes, your classic cafe window under the slide arrangement, a set of swings and a rocker with a rocking view! 

Mamma's special mention: The next park adventure is SO close. Head down the hill, onto the bridge and you can see the Heritage Boulevard Play Space to your left. Then carefully cross the road and head beside the wetlands until you see the monster birds nest at Verdant Park.

the nitty gritty

picnic area - NO toilet facilities -  picnic benches - some shade - limited parking  

Phar Lap Drive, Doncaster

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