jells park, wheelers hill

When looking for great family outdoor adventures, HEAPS of open space and plenty of trails to meander through, Jells Park has got that covered. 127 hectares of parkland in the middle of Wheelers Hill this is a picnicker's dream. Every time Mamma has visited, the place is bustling with walking groups, families riding their bikes and groups gathering at the picnic shelters. Luckily there are lots of visitor tables, bbqs and shelters. The park has huge expanses of green open space, a lake, bushland as well a visitor's centre equipped with kiosk and a restaurant. There are three parks in the greater park land for a pitstop and play, although most are in need of a little love and attention. Yabby Hill Playscape is the most interesting with real commando style equipment, ropes, balancing beams and slides. Stingybark is the second option and this one is downhill from the visitor centre. 

Mamma's special mention: Forewarning  - there are no bins at this park and you will need to take all home with you at the end of the day.

the nitty gritty

picnic areas - walking trails - dog friendly - no rubbish bins - kiosk - restarunt - playgrounds - toilets - plenty of parking - good shaded area 

Waverley Road, Wheelers Hill

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