blackburn lake sanctuary, blackburn

Come over here and give that big guy a kiss! How could you not! This giant turtle is adorable and completely matched in its surroundings at the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Playspace. Nature is the name of the game here - and so it should be with so much life nestled amongst the greenery. In the playground you will search out some creepy crawlies in the logs, ride on a grasshopper, travel along the dry creek bed and give that massive turtle a cuddle! After that give the drums a whirl and spin to your hearts delight on the in-ground merry-go-round that has its very own wings. There are a bunch of swings, climbing frames and slides too. Best of all, once the playspace has been fully explored, take a short stroll down to the lake to visit some ducks or meander your way along to the wetlands and the other trails throughout the sanctuary.

Mamma's special mentions: The visitors centre has had a little face lift recently and is looking quite swish under its 'wings'. Doors are open each Sunday from 2 till 4pm with cultural displays and talks happening regularly. Check out the Facebook page to stay up to date with events including school holiday events. 

the nitty gritty

picnic seating - public toilets - visitors centre - walking trails - ducks - wetlands - parking - open areas for ball play - some shade 

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