food truck carnival, doncaster

This place is gonna be rockin! The Food Truck Carnival is making itself at home at the Ruffey Lake Park - The Boulevarde end -  the Doncaster Food Truck Carnival and it's set to be buzzing with FLAVA! Trucks of every persuasion have surrounded will pop up and the smells will be amazing. You can travel the world via your paper plate if you wished with so much variety on offer. Entry is free (although there will be paid parking off King Street - so get the coins ready) and there is a pirate ship, laughing clowns and some other fairground rides to explore as well. There is a great vibe inside the park and a great family event.

Mamma's lil tips
- as silly as it might sound - avoid meal times and make it a late afternoon activity. We arrived at 6:30 and by the time we left at 7:45 the grounds had met capacity and there was a line of people waiting to get in. The earlier the BETTER! There was a decent walk from the car too, so the pram might be your best bet. 
- bring a picnic blanket. There is space to relax, nibble on the tasty treats and listen to the music. There is extra lounging space behind the trucks towards the lake if you need more room, especially when the lines for food build up.
- try something different for your meal! There is so much variety that you may as well tuck into something a little outside the norm. Last time when the carnival was at Knox, we tested out the taco selection from La Revolucion and some street pork skewers from Thrilla in Manila! YUMMO!

the nitty gritty 

Friday 5 - 9pm
Saturday 12 - 9pm
Sunday 12 - 9pm
Monday 12 - 4pm

9th - 12th March 2018

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Caribbean Gardens, Stud Road, Scoresby