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Mamma Knows East - Park week

Mamma it's Shark Week - I mean - It's PARK WEEK! March 4 - 12, 2017 is Park and Leisure Australia's annual celebration of all things parks - and we all know us Mamma's love a great park and playground. What makes this year pretty special is certain spaces around the East have turned magic with the augmented reality app Magical Park! Think along the lines of Pokemon Go but with three different themes - dinosaurs, fairies and aliens. Use your phone to explore a digital world where you chase kittens and follow unicorns as you navigate your way around the physical space.  What makes this game a little special is it's geofenced - meaning they only work in a set location. You have to be in a registered park for the game to work and what an awesome way to get to know some of your local areas. Mamma tested out the app at Megasaurus Park in Cranbourne East over the weekend and it really does work - plus you can still see your toddler through the screen! 

The East has a couple of council zones that have jumped on board for the duration of Park Week and you can test out the game at ... 

Casey - Brookland Greens Reserve, Brookland Greens Blvd, Cranbourne; Megasaurus Park, Newington Dve, Cranbourne; Carlisle Park, Majestic Blvd, Cranbourne; Waratah South Reserve, Frawley Rd, Doveton; Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, Princes Hwy, Berwick (home of the Little Red Train). 
Maroondah - Croydon Park, Mount Dandenong Road, Croydon (near X and Y Playspace)
Glen Eria - Caulfield Park, Balaclava Road, Caulfield North; Boyd Park, Wahroongaa Rd, Murrumbeena; Halley Park, Jasper Road, Bentleigh. 

You can also download the app here so you are ready to go - click here for apple and here for android.  

Mamma Knows East - Park Week