mums with hustle podcast with mamma erin

Tomorrow it will be March. The anniversary month of the website Mamma Knows East. Wow. A year! What an amazing 365 days it has been, although to be completely honest, there has been more than a year's worth of adventures put into the thing we call Mamma. Part of my journey - I know! How VERY reality TV of me - has had lots of learning along the way. How social media works or rather how work with it. Making connections with like minded and inspiring Mammas. Exploring the beautiful spaces and places the East and communicating that to our beautiful followers. Learning lots about digital media, photography and the importance of backing up your work! Lots of things I have learnt have come from fellow business owners and fellow mums. 

To say I was thrilled to share my business story with Tracy Harris on her Mums with Hustle podcast would be an understatement. Completely beside myself with joy that Tracy wanted to know more about Mamma Knows East and actually record my voice - I may be a little nervous about that bit. On the podcast we talk about the background to making Mamma Knows East and a little bit of the behind the scenes to the Mamma life! But most importantly we cover how significant the Mums With Hustle podcast and the online community has made to how we use social media and other tricks of the trade when it comes to being a biz mum. I am a complete podcast junkie - and this one is my go-to 'mumpreneur' poddie! 

If you are keen to learn more and listen to my teacher voice click here for the direct link or search Mums With Hustle in iTunes episode 73 or your podcasting apps, as well as head over to Tracy's website for more Mums With Hustle goodness. It is an hour long (sorry - us teachers can talk!) but is a great listen for anyone thinking of going into business or starting a blog. Thank you so much for having me on the podcast Tracy and I am looking forward to continue my learning via your BRILLIANT biz mum community.