tokyo metro, forest hill chase

Mamma’s kids have always loved sharing a Californian roll when at the shops. So a visit to Tokyo Metro Sushi Train is something else! Located on Level 3, as part of The Loft redevelopment at Forest Hill Chase, this Japanese eatery is brilliant. The booth style seating sits alongside the conveyor belt, making it easy for you and the kids to grab what tickles your fancy as it floats past. It is pretty mesmerising as you watch a bowl of lotus chips as they travel from the kitchen, round the corner and back again. If you are after something not on the train itself- including kid size sushi rolls - simply order from the tablet on the table and a super express train will arrive with your selection. The kitchen has a big open design so the kids can watch the masters at work too! At the end of your meal, pile up the plates and the team will tally up the bill. Super cool.

Mamma's special mention: The Loft is the latest development at Forest Hill Chase. There are HEAPS of casual dining options, kids play space, Timezone, the movies and Lollipops all on this one level.

the nitty gritty 

Lunch and Dinner 7 days
11am - 10pm

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