the cuckoo restaurant, olinda

In a world where there seems to be the same old cookie cutter restaurants and cafes popping up - it’s SO GOOD to see when a place has lasted the distance by NOT trying to keep up with the masses. The Cuckoo is an institution in Melbourne, and has been around for SIXTY years! This Mamma’s Mamma went before SHE was even a Mamma…that’s a long time! And when we say nothing has changed - we mean it. From the waiters and waitresses wearing their traditional Bavarian dress, to the entertainment, and the guy at the piano accordion, and let’s be honest - the food (smorgasbord!). It’s all the same - but it’s PACKED full of charm this place, and friendliness, and sixty years of great memories. There is a lot to look at so have a walk around - make sure to check out the largest Cuckoo Clock in the world, and the 3D ‘painting’ near the toilets, and get a souvenir of course. Mamma says relax and get involved, have a yodel (do it!), enjoy yourself and the rich history, and let it take you away to another time and place…

Mamma's special mention: Go for a walk around Alfred Nicholas gardens afterwards to work off all that STRUDEL!

the nitty gritty

Lunch Wed – Sun: 11:30am – 3:00pm
Dinner Fri, Sat & Sun: 6:30pm to late
Afternoon Tea Sun: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Monday and Tuesday please call first

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