mylk bar, mitcham

This is Mamma’s kind of milk bar. Stunning coffee, delicious food, milkshakes of course AND a little wrapped treat for the kids or Mamma - no judgement here! Mylk Bar in Mitcham is your latest rendition of your local corner store. The team from Mad Ram in Croydon have redesigned the original Mitcham Milk Bar and filled it with food that is designed to make you feel GOOD.

The menu is all about the bowls. From a savoury Mexican or Thai or a full-of-veg vegan bowl, to your deliciously fresh smoothie bowls there are a number versions to choose. They will even design a kids bowl that will suit your little ones tastebuds too, although Mamma had to pry her smoothie bowl away from both of the little ones.

You can’t REALLY make it a milk bar treat without a lolly from the front cabinet or an ice-cream from the freezer. Be sure to let the kids choose something before heading out the door. At least that is one way to help encourage the kids to eat their veggies!

Mamma's special mention: Although it is further north along Mitcham Road, Halliday Park is the most WONDERFUL playspace within the City of Whitehorse and Mamma recommends you head here after your milk bar experience!

BREAKING NEWS: Smoothie bowls are NOW on the kids menu, and it is called the Mamma Knows Best! We are pretty excited about this new addition to the menu.

the nitty gritty 

Monday to Friday
7 am – 4 pm

Saturday & Sunday
8 am – 4 pm

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