milkboy on fordham’s, camberwell

Feel like traveling back in time a little. To the days when you saved all your pocket money to splurge on lollies at the milk bar? Or maybe when you were sent down to the shop for a can of fizzy drink? Well you can do this PLUS enjoy a beautiful meal at Milkboy on Fordham’s.

This classic suburban milk bar (previously known simply as Fordham’s Milk Bar) is tucked in opposite the Hartwell Train Station in the cutest set of shops in Camberwell. It is a double fronted cafe with a titled communal table, more traditional settings next door or outdoor options under the rainbow umbrellas. The menu is split down the middle. Your lighter ‘nice’ options on the left or your classic burger and fries on the ‘naughty’ side.

You won’t find a dedicated kids menu just yet (it is on it’s way), but there are plenty of smaller options in display cabinets. Mamma spies delectable muffins, sweet treats and amazing chunky sausage rolls. We also have a feeling the kids might want to work their way through the milkshake menu!

Mamma's special mention: Apart from the funky vibe, great food and suburban nostalgia, Mamma LOVES that there is a playground over the road. Cafe and park combos are always a winner!

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7 days
7am - 5pm

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116 Fordham Ave, Hartwell

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