juno and may, camberwell

There once was a young boy that realised that in order for the family to get a TV he had to work for it. Tend to the cattle, milk the cows and they could save up for an idiot box and share the love with the family. Those cows were named Juno and May and that young man was owner of this milk bottle inspired cafe right on Burke Road, Camberwell. Henry Honner opened this amazing restaurant in September 2015 and Mamma is digging it! Beautiful wooden textures, matched with crisp whites and bold blacks and of course the food and the coffee is outstanding. A perfect choice at anytime of day as they are open for breakfast, lunch and tea (Tuesday-Saturday). Throw the kids into the booth seating and let them choose from the kids menu - Mamma says they are certain they will go home happy.

Mamma's special mentions: Camberwell is great for markets! The Fresh Food Market runs 4 days a week and then - of course - the Sunday Market runs each week, right out the back! 


the nitty gritty

9am - 4pm
Tuesday - Saturday
9am - 10:30pm
9am - 4pm 

Burke Road, Camberwell

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