happy days donuts, croydon

It is happy days 7 days a week at the retro inspired diner on Main Street of Croydon. Happy Days Donuts are ALL about sweets and their selection of milkshakes, ice cream and donuts are perfectamundo. The unique selection of flavours - including a fairytale inspired Lill Elsa - are sure to excite your little tribe.

The little diner is full of 50s charm, with classic booths to sit in and a cabinet filled with a dozen different varieties of donuts. The bright walls and nostalgic decor make this place a unique addition to the east. The guys even have a vintage highchair to use!

Mamma says the jukebox will be pumping and the milkshake maker whizzing. So sit back, feel the vibe and let Mamma educate the little ones on the magic of the Foz and the correct pronunciation of ‘Aaaayyyyyyyy’.

Mamma's special mention: You most certainly want to burn off that energy at the park and the X & Y Space is a short walk away. Maybe give the spinner a miss if you’ve indulged in those milkshakes!

the nitty gritty 

Monday - Wednesday
10am - 4pm
Thursday - Saturday
10am - 5pm
10am - 4pm

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