bob's your uncle, doncaster east

Ever chosen a spot to eat just based in its name? Mamma has. Doncaster East's very own Bob's Your Uncle is Mamma's pick, because - you guessed it - Bob IS my uncle! Luckily the food is just as good as the name. Scrumptious cakes, amazing french toast and the simply delicious nourish bowl. Owner Lisa is a cafe master of the east with 19 cafes to her name, the cafe sure knows what is what. The space is light and airy with room towards the back to park a pram. There are a couple of high chairs and a kids menu, but more suited for a mummy and me date! 

Mamma's special mention: There is a playground right over on the other side of the oval nearby at Doncaster Reserve or a short walk down Bullen Street to the Bullen Street Reserve

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the nitty gritty

7 Days
8am - 4pm

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38 Jackson Court
Doncaster East

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