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I caught up with the delightful June, the owner and Mum behind Mum on the Run - Personal Assistant to the Yarra Valley. This bubbly and organised chick is amazing at what she does and was such a pleasure to meet. It could be because were were born in the same hospital (I know right - small world) or beacuse she is just great to chat to, June knows exactly what new mums need - an extra pair of hands!

Mum on the Run is your business!  What was your inspiration behind starting your business?   

Firstly I have an elderly father. And as he gets even older (he's 89 this year) although he's super fit for his age, it gets harder and harder for him to get out of the house to complete simple errands. He needs help from his children regularly.  It made me sad to think about all the people that have trouble getting out and about and may have family that live far away or are too proud to ask family for help or felt like a burden. Most of my clients have been arranged by a loving family member who have their own young families to take care of and just don't have the time every week to do groceries or pharmacy runs for their parents or grandparents.

But what really kicked me into gear and inspired me to actually start this business and stop just thinking about it is having my daughter and becoming a mother myself. No matter how much responsibility you have at your job before children. Or how much pressure you're under and how stressfull it is. Being a mum is harder! And nothing can prepare you. It's the hardest but best thing I've ever done. I look back and I wish I knew how to ask for help at the beginning and not feel pressured that I had to do everything myself.  I want to encourage other mothers to ask for help. Even if it's only an hour here or there. You deserve it. I have amazing family support. But I don't always want to ask my mother to write out my ‘Thank you notes’ or to ‘go through and organise my baby presents into size order’ Because let's face it I know she really comes over for one main reason. And that's to spend time with her grand daughter! I was one ‘hot mess’ and I have a supportive family! I wanted to create something that could assist parents who may not have the relief of family to fall back on.

What's Exciting you about Mum on the run at the  Moment? 

What's exciting for me is meeting new clients, new groups of people and other like minded small business people. Such as yourself!

What do you do to keep motivated? 

The support I get from family and friends is what keeps me motivated. My aim has always been to be more than just someone you hire. I wanted my business to be more personal and feel like the support you would get from a family member or a friend.





Any proud moments you would like to share? 

I was given a gift to say thank you by one of my senior citizen clients. I helped her with paperwork that she had been so stressed out about. And no one in her family had time to help her. She told me she'd gone to one of ‘cool shops’ to purchase it. It was actually a really nice necklace that she'd bought from Lovisa. She's so cute! She did so well in picking it. And it made me feel very  humbled that she'd gone to all that effort and out of her comfort zone for me when she didn't have to.

I know I have difficulty at times juggling work life and family! ....Any tips on juggling the family and your own business? 

I have my own to-do list which I break down into daily planning so I can work a little, or a lot on something each day. How much work I get done depends on what kind of mood my little one is in. If everything is written down and has a set time to complete it in, it doesn't seem as intimidating because you can see you still have plenty of time to work on it. Also know your limits. If you're feeling over whelmed. Know when to say no and not take on anymore. I still want to spend quality time with my family. If work gets too much, try and slow it down until you can catch up again. But I am lucky! I am also able to have the option to take my daughter with me on certain errands. Which makes things much easier.

How is 2016 looking for you and your business? 

I’m so excited just about seeing how everything evolves. I had an idea in my head about who my main customers would be and what my main jobs/errands would be. And so far it's completely surprised me, in a good way! I can't wait to get better grasp on where the business is heading and plan for the future.

What one or two words would you use to describe what living in Melbourne’s east means to you?

Family and friends 

What is your  favourite thing to do the east?

Try out cafes with my little family. We love heading out for breakfast and It's always handy to find another good child friendly place to take my daughter. Highly recommend The Cherry Tree Cafe in Healesville.


the nitty gritty 

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