monica jordan, thanks mum

Monica is on of Mamma's loyal followers and we quickly discovered that we lived near each other by the instagram snaps we shared. But not only is she Mamma's shadow, she is the creative mind behind Thanks Mum - a business that sells lifesaving items for dinnertime and will fill your container drawer in no time! All products invited by mums for mums.

What was your inspiration behind starting your business?   
I purchased the OnTray (trolley snack tray) from the USA myself and I had so many stop me in the supermarket asking where i purchased from, I saw the opportunity to import this great invention.  The business then grew into searching and finding other great 'Mum' invented products.

What's exciting you about Thanks Mum at the moment?
I honestly can't wait for my ship to arrive with more stock and then another ship with a new product, these ships just take sooo long!!

What do you do to keep motivated?    
It is hard to keep motivated sometimes, especially when it has been school holidays etc. But then you get a lovely email or comment on Facebook from a customer and you are reinvigorated! Finding new products is also very exciting for me, as I only have items that i Love and would lose for my own kids.

Any proud moments you would like to share? 
I love when customers send back happy snaps of their kids enjoying my products.



I know I have difficulty at times juggling work life and family! Any tips?
It can be a hard balance.  I often have my toddler 'finding' the items I need to send in a parcel and have him playing in my office. It also provides great flexibility working from home and although I don't like to have my mobile glued to me, it's so easy to quickly respond to an email or Facebook message whilst I am playing with kids, plus I tend to do a pick of work at night - sometime from the couch! 

How is 2016 looking for you and your business? 
It's a busy year with school and kinder for us, but also exciting as we add some new products to the range. I have one new product coming soon that everyone will love, as it may just help with food and plates been thrown all over the floor!

What one or two words would you use to describe what living in Melbourne’s east means to you?
Nature / Parks / Great accessibility

What is your favourite thing to do the east?
Too many to choose from - but we love driving up to Healesville just to visit the park and bakery...

the nitty gritty 

check out Thanks Mum for all the amazing products for mums - created by mums!