kate moore, shadowline studio

When Mamma starting looking for amazing Easties in Biz - she is always keen on something a little different. Here is Kate from Shadowline Studio. 

What was your inspiration behind starting your business?   
Simply, my three girls...and the need for them to have a parent with them before school, after school...for some continuity of care and for them to know that we are there when they need us. To achieve this, I did a lot of thinking when doing those 3am feeds with daughter number 3 and knew that my days as an architect/aviation terminal planner, however fulfilling and enjoyable, were numbered, purely due to logistics and the desire to give our girls the best of me...rather than the tired, stressed, time-pressured mum that we had seen prior to number 3 arriving. The other side to my inspiration is the reaction I receive when I 'unveil' an artwork to a customer. It's just so worth it every time.

What's exciting you about Shadowline Studio at the  Moment? 
Product diversification - I am working on a new product where I can apply my artwork to sterling silver or stainless steel pendants to create personalised jewellery.

What do you do to keep motivated? 
I keep motivated by challenging myself daily - taking on jobs that I may not initially know how to do, but I know I can work it out. I have just finished typesetting a children's book - it was so fun and inspiring as I witnessed a good friend achieving her goals - makes me want to work harder at my own.


Any proud moments you would like to share? 
My girls give me proud moments everyday but in terms of the business I am proud of myself - managing a busy household whilst staying focussed on my personal business goals.

Any tips on juggling the family and your own business? 
Don't start work at night until the house has been 'reset' and school lunches made. It's no fun waking up to a messy house and then having to face school lunches when rushing to get them ready for their day ahead.

How is 2016 looking for you and your business? 
Exciting!! New customers coming online all the time, some by word of mouth and some the direct result of my marketing strategies which are starting to pay off. It is hard to know what will work and what will take a dive but I am giving it a red hot go!

What one or two words would you use to describe what living in Melbourne’s east means to you?
Leafy, accessible and off street parking!!



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