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If there was ever a role model for loving life, following a dream and being wholeheartedly invested in helping people achieve their goals ... then it would be this chick. Mamma tribe - meet Alison. Trainer and founder of Turn It Up Health and Fitness in Lilydale. 

Tell us about your business? What inspired you?
I founded and operate a health & fitness studio.  We have heaps of fun Group Fitness classes, as well as Personal Training, Transformation challenges and even massage and spray tanning.  My inspiration came from when I was at home with little kids.  I found it so difficult and expensive to get out of the house and get my sweat on.  I just wanted to feel great about myself, and it seemed too hard with little ones.  I swore that if I ever got the chance to change that for other mum’s that I would.  I also found that I just love fitness, not only what it does for your body and your health, but your mind and mental health too.  I think it is so important, and I just want to share that with as many people as I can.

Is this a business you have started after having kids? Does it relate to your pre baby career?
I started group fitness classes when my kids were really little.  My youngest two have just gone to school (identical twin boys) so I have been able to open the fitness studio this year, which has been crazy fun.  No, it doesn’t relate to what I used to do at all.  I used to be an office manager, and wild horses couldn’t drag me back!

The Mammas love a good name - Where did the name Turn It Up Health and Fitness come from?
I love music…. LOUD music.  It helps me work out and sweat more, and makes it so much more enjoyable.  I wanted a feeling of fun and moving forward.  Turn It Up makes me smile and feel good when I think of it!

What do you wish you’d known before starting your business?
How much time things would take.  Everything takes longer to achieve than what I thought it would.  I’m learning to be more patient and go with the flow.

Anything exciting happening in the business front at the moment? 
We are launching our new spring timetable with heaps of new classes.  Pilates, Yoga, Kick boxing and Pound have all been added to our regular time table which includes Zumba, HIIT classes, Boxing and Group Training.  Pound is a fitness class with rock music and drum sticks….. cant wait!  We also have a FREE Nanny service in our Monday to Friday 9.15 and 10am classes.

What gets you through the day? Coffee/tea/wine/sense of humour? 
Oh my goodness, I love to laugh!  I am also surrounded by amazing people. I am super lucky! (and coffee- LOL!)

What special super power have you harnessed since having kids? 
The “Night Before” super power.  Everything is organised for my kids the night before!  Lunches, uniforms, signed notices, book bags, pre-made snacks etc etc would never make it to 9am without this power.

Eastside or Westside? Or both?
Eastside babe… all the way!  Lilydale and surrounding suburbs.

Favourite Eastie Adventure…
I don’t live far from the Yalley, so I love a good winery lunch! (Mamma's suggestion - Zonzo!) 

Favourite Eastie Eats…
A new burger place just opened in Lilydale called Hello Harry’s.  The burgers are soooooo good!

Any Mamma-inspired adventures you are looking at taking in the East soon?
There was a playground a few weeks back with the biggest slide at Quambee Reserve.  We are going there!

Market St, Lilydale

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