kristie and sheridan, fancy little feet

Two lifelong friends and local mums, identified a problem, solved it, and are now making a successful business from it. Kristie and Sheridan are the brains behind the adorable tights with the grippy soles, otherwise known as Fancy Little Feet.  

What was the inspiration behind starting your business?   
We have known each other since school and became closer after having our families, we both have two girls each. It was during a catch up and talking about our kids always slipping over whilst wearing tights, that we spoke - and then googled -  about whether you could buy non slip tights in Australia and found that there really wasn’t much around, especially with a broadened age range. After that we started talking about possible designs, how we would find manufacturers, and that’s how Fancy Little Feet came about.

What's exciting you guys about Fancy Little Feet at the moment? 
At the moment we are waiting for the arrival of our 2016 range. We are pretty stoked that we made it through the first year of business and being able to design our second range.

What do you do to keep motivated?   
When we first went into business together, we both agreed not to give up within the first year. It kind of just works between us and we keep each other going.



Any proud moments you would like to share?
I think our first proud moment was seeing a random pair of Fancy Little Feet walking down the street. It was like “wow, people really do love our stuff’. It’s one thing to sell them at a market or to a store, but to see them on a little person was awesome!

Any tips on juggling the family and the business? 
This is where we lean on each other the most. We have both taken on different aspects of the business that suit our individual lifestyles for the moment. One does the tech things at night, the other does the PR during the day.  It kind of just works. But good old mother guilt kicks in when we leave early on weekends for markets, there’s no escaping that one!

How is the rest of 2016 looking for you and your business? 
We are really hopeful for a good year this year. Having a second range available will help us expand to bigger and better things. Fingers crossed.

What one or two words would you use to describe what living in Melbourne’s east means to you?
We both grew up in the Yarra Valley. The lifestyle is exactly what we wanted for our own girls.

What is your  favourite thing to do the east?
Parks, wineries, open spaces – not to mention the views! What more could you ask for.

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