the yellow dance spot, eltham and kew

The Yellow Dance Spot lessons are simple. Bring children together with their respective adults, turn on the music and let the rhythm guide you! It is all about movement, having fun and responding to ideas with our bodies. Our toddler class (2-3.5 years) begins with a warm up of stretching and a story - lucky for us this time around - about a yellow dot! This interactive story lines up perfectly for us to act out the story becoming amazing multiplying, flying, growing and shrinking dots all around the space. Our leader and company founder is a natural at encouraging the children without forcing anything. Adults and children alike are in on the fun and the little ones really respond! All had a ball - of course until we had to say goodbye. 

Mamma's special mention: Classes run in both Eltham and Kew locations and cater for children from 2 to 12 years of age. Head over to The Yellow Dance Spot website for session times and availability.  

You will find Yellow Dance Spot running special dance workshops at NGV International in January for the NGV Kids Summer Festival


the nitty gritty

Toddler sessions run
9:45am Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays in Eltham

9:45am Wednesday and Fridays in Kew

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Handfield St, Eltham