the mumma movement program, croydon

Mamma has never stepped into a cross fit studio before now and I'm glad it was this one. Owned and operated by a super fit and super power couple Eric and Sares. These two know all about health, fitness and how to allow fitness and family come together. They are simply busting for more mammas to know about The Mumma Movement - The class that is all about that for mums at all stages of the pre and post baby stages. The program runs twice a week for 12 weeks and it is a full family affair with kids very welcome to hangout, join in or simply watch mum lunge, row, stretch, bear crawl and get moving throughout the studio. Sares is a mum of three and with a background in exercise and sports science plus a doula in training - she knows how to best support you at whatever of the mamma stage you are at. She will even hold a baby if you need it

Mamma's special mention: best place to refuel in croydon after a good workout - Acia Brothers

the nitty gritty

Spring Program runs from September 18 - December 8th
Monday, Wednesday Fridays 10:30am
$600 for the 12 week program

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Factory 5/6, 14-17 Railway Crescent