the great moscow circus, bayswater

Thunder and blazes, the circus is in town. Bayswater to be specific! This family fantastic experience has all the magic the idea of a trip to the circus conjures up, and it is completely entertaining from start to finish for the grown ups AND the kids! From the death defying trapeze to the prancing horses, the clowns and the tight rope walker, those nail biting and amazing motor bikes in the Wheel of Death....WOW - The Great Moscow Circus doesn't disappoint. 

From the moment the kids (and Mamma) spot the beautiful yellow and red big top there was a great level of excitement. These circus performers are not only talented they literally run the whole show from backstage, to ticket sales, pop corn sales to merchandise stands - they work so well together as a team to bring this show to us - it is really hard not to be both impressed and in awe of their talent, energy and passion for everything circus.

Mamma's lil' tips: in terms of ages for kids, Team Mamma took ALL the kids. The youngest one is 3 yo and they all made it through and enjoyed the performance. So you can prepare yourself for the show, it is around 2 hours (including interval)  and the motor bikes are a tad loud. Oh there are also animals in this circus - horses, camels, llama, buffalo and a beautiful macaw bird.

Oh and be warned - there are plenty of things to spend LOTS of extra cash on - rides, food, things that light up and twirl, and show bags so be prepared.

the nitty gritty

On most days
(sometimes two or three times a day!)

From NOW - until October 2 2016

Family Tickets (2 adults and 2 kids)
FROM:  $135.00

Tickets at various pricing depending on seating

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Corner of Dorset Road and Canterbury Road, Bayswater 

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