story time @ kimberly place, chirnside park

In the education world we call it an ‘invitation to play’ - an environment were the adult sets up the materials, toys or bits and pieces and allows the children to explore, interact and learn through their own play experience. Needless to say Mamma was thrilled to walk into story time at Kimberly Place in Chirnside park and see gumnuts, feathers, creepy crawlies (of the plastic variety), a tub of sand and a very worried looking wombat sitting next to a big pot. Of course this could only mean one thing - WOMABT SOUP! The kiddies were so thrilled to crawl around on the mat looking for the next ingredient to add to the pot. Imaginations running wild as each little reader gets a run to stir the pot, taste test and of course - save that wombat!

This style of story time that is interactive, hands on and engaging - exactly what memories are made of. They say that laughing kids learn - well this one had everyone giggling! Of course it won't be wombat soup each week, but it is bound to be just as exciting and less stressful for that poor wombat. Sessions run each week and incorporate role playing, puppets and some brilliant story telling.

Mamma’s special mention: Kimberly Place is a brand new facility in Chirnside Park, replacing the old community centre. There are a number of different programs throughout the week as well as occasional care facilities. 

the nitty gritty

Wednesdays during school terms 9:30am

FREE and no bookings required

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Kimberly Place, Chirnside Park