gumbaya park, tynong

If you're after high tech play with the latest rides, best to stop reading now and head to QLD, BUT if you love old school family fun and enjoying things you did as a kid then Gumbaya Park is your kind of place.  The park is well maintained, it just hasn't been updated since Mamma came here in her bubble gum jeans 30 years ago. Same rides, same actual mini cars, same cheesy mini golf course, even the picnic chairs and tables are straight from the 70's. Awesome.  Oh, they have added a great playground, so it's not entirely stuck in the olden days. Mamma and crew spent a good 3 hours here and spent $60 on 10 rides, but also spent time wandering through the emu's, kangaroos and lots of other animals, the aboriginal artefact museum - which is a museum in itself - and then through the bird avery filled with some magical looking birds. The grounds are vast with so many picnic tables and BBQ's and to save some $$ bring your own BBQ rather than eating at the cafe. You could easily spend the whole day here - and if you do and have older kids its probably best you get the ultimate pass (unlimited rides) . All rides except the toboggan your 3+ can ride with you (on the one ticket). 

Mamma's special mention: On the 3rd Sunday of the month they have live music by local Gippsland performers.

the nitty gritty

Open Thursday - Monday 10am - 5pm
(6 pm daylight saving)

Cost is $18 per adult
$9 per child

Rides cost $6 each for: Mini Cars, Twister Cars, Paddle Boats, Mini Golf, Tractor Rides, Pony Rides, Water Slide (Nov-Easter). Kids under 3 not permitted on rides and need to be over 7 or 9 to ride by themselves, depending on ride.

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2705 Princes Hwy  Tynong

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