ringwood lake, ringwood

Going ... going ... pretty much GONE! The playground at Ringwood Lake Park is in the middle of an incredible upgrade! Works are currently underway with the new design set to be ready in June 2018. Watch this space for developments. 

 design from Maroondah City Council 

design from Maroondah City Council 


This park is a staple of the Maroondah community. Many afternoons have been spent here in the past! Mamma has clear memories in fact of watching the opening ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games on grass a decade ago. Bub’s was beside herself with excitement as soon as we got out of the car. Ducks! Buck..buuuck…uukkkk! - she hasn’t quite mastered the quack – although I am pretty sure one of the Grandparents has taught her the Donald Duck voice. The birdlife is plentiful at the Lake and some young ducks are very intrigued by the little visitors to the playground. With two separate structures, one boat and one standard playground structure, is perfect size for the littlies.  Look out for the sweet oversized wooden animal carvings too which are perfect height for a ride or a cuddle - or a kiss as the wombat discovered! Bigger kids are looked after as with flying foxes and swinging equipment in the lower half of the park too. Great set of swings including the Liberty Swing, designed to cater for children and adults in wheelchairs. The toilet block is pretty cool and has in fact won awards for its changing facility. The playground is situated on the hillside, which could make it difficult for balancing for early walkers. The lake is not fenced off and that factor does make Mamma a little nervous at times - However with close supervision it doesn't stop us from enjoying our morning at the park.

Mamma's special mention: Eastland and the amazing building that is REALM is just up the road and run wonderful storytime sessions. But if coffee is what you need, you can't go past The Firehouse just up the road! 

the nitty gritty

public toilets - liberty swing - pram accessible - BBQs - water - walking tracks - historical sites 

Maroondah Highway, Ringwood

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