pakenham adventure playground, pakenham

If it ain't broke - don't fix it. Mamma remembers playing in playgrounds JUST like this all those years ago. So many games of kings and queens, running through the castle and all the twists and turns in these classic wooden playgrounds. Pakenham remains a hit with the kids and they could have played here all day as each little section had something new to discover. From the classic swings, the bridges, a semi trailer and plenty of structures to climb in - and under if Mamma wasn't looking! 

Now Mamma has found three different names of this park since our visit - Pb Ronald Park, Cardinia Community Adventure Playground AND Pakenham Adventure Playground. Despite this minor name issue - super fun park! 

Mamma's special mention: Mamma loves it when there is a library right next door to a park. Pack a lunch box full of snacks and you have a super cheap day out full of play AND stories! 

the nitty gritty

limited shade - fenced (no gate) - liberty swings - playing fields nearby - library near by - walking tracks - bbqs - sheltered picnic areas - drinking fountain - toilets nearby 

John Street, Pakenham 

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