pharmacy@knox 24 hours, wantirna south

check…check… is this thing on?? Mamma PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!

Listen in Mammas and Pappas! Mamma needs you to hear the news - there is a 24 hours - 7 days a week pharmacy open at Knox Shopping Centre! Supercare Pharmacy at Knox as part of the Supercare Pharmacy Initiative from the Victorian Government and families NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT! We are talking the place to head in the middle of the night ‘cos you are all out of baby panadol! OR rushing out the door to grab some teething gel cos little one decided to use it for finger painting! Or any of those major emergency products and medicines for the whole family (including breast pump hire).

Plus there is a free onsite Nurse service from 6pm-10pm - providing face-to-face health advice and treatment for minor injuries or illness, with no appointments necessary. Nurses will also assist with basic care such as wound management, as well as physical assessment, flu and whooping cough immunisations, health screening such as blood pressure checks, sexual health advice and referrals to other local services.

Pharmacy@Knox is on Level 2 on the Burwood Highway side of the centre, with external access to the store. It is right near the bus stops and taxi rink.  Look for the big green crosses. For more information head to the Pharmacy@Knox website here! Or if you need them - call 9800 5199