jays jungle LIVE tour!

RUMBLE RUMBLE! Take me to the JUNGLE! Jay Laga'aia is here in Victoria and he as brought his Jungle with him as he travels the West and East for his LIVE tour! We got to catch his first show in Caulfield and boy, this one man show is BRILLIANT. Jay is a total pro and with eight kids of his very own he has had plenty of practise with entertaining the little ones! There are all the songs from the TV show mixed with the classic kids tunes, some lion king magic and the funky monkey thrown in for good measure. Kids (and Mums and Dads of course) put on their imagination helmets on and soar into space before heading into the Jungle. There are puppets, dancing, story telling and classic jokes that fly right over little heads! He gives ALL the instruments a go including his favourite ukulele or as Jay says: "A smile with strings". The show is guaranteed to get your little ones up and dancing along. If there is time at the end be sure to stay and grab an autograph and a photo with the man himself.

Jay has a full schedule until Sunday the 11th with shows some Westie shows in EssendonWendoureeGeelongHoppers Crossing, then Eastside in HawthornBerwick and Mooroolbark. Unfortunately this means he missed out on Father's Day at home, but it might just be the best present as he has asked for a sleep in  "Someone else can have the chocolate almonds and socks this year." 

Mamma's special mention: Taking kids to see a live show is always a little scary the first time as you never know exactly how they will react. There is the confident from the get go - dancing and singing - and then of course the quiet observers that feel safe on Nanna's knee before getting into the groove. Either way - it makes for a beautiful morning of memory making and well worth it.

the nitty gritty

Saturday September 3, Essendon 
Sunday September 4,  Wendouree 
Wednesday September 7 Geelong 
Thursday September 8 Hoppers Crossing
Friday September 9 Hawthorn
Saturday September 10  Berwick
Sunday September 11 Mooroolbark