yo my goodness frozen yoghurt, malvern

Ermahgerd - you have never had frozen yoghurt until you have had this freezing deliciousness! Whether you take the cup or the cone version, you will not be disappointed with your decision to stop at YOMG Frozen Yogurt. It is your self serve and make your own kinda dessert-monster style of operation. You can go all fruity and colourful, jelly and crumbly, or even chocolate covered chips - I know - strange but kinda okay. You pay by the weight at the end so just watch the kids as they make their yoghurt mountain but you may as well grab a couple of spoons and share with them all - if they let you!

Mamma's special mention: There is a brilliant toy shop just up the road and is a great top off for a full treat day! 

the nitty gritty 

7 Days
12pm - 10pm

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Glenferrie Road, Malvern

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