the novel nook, cockatoo

There is nothing Mamma loves more than finding a cafe with a dedicated play zone while you can sit back with your hot chocolate and slice. The Novel Nook is like something out of a fairy tale for parents. Hidden up in a nook of its own in the tiny town of Cockatoo is this complete treasure of a cafe that loves all things story book. Walls are decorated with the old classic golden books and Dr Suss quotes line the wall to the kitchen There is a quiet lounge space at the front if you are caffinating solo or have real little ones or head towards the rear for your mini me's to pour their own cup of tea, serve a slice of cake or simply take a load off with a good book on the reading mats. Anotoher super special touch that is beyond cute - the babycino counter. Little visitors have the joy of choosing their own tea cup for their treat! 

Mamma's special mention: WATCH THIS SPACE. There are grand plans to add reading rooms to this venue with book clubs and space for groups to meet - designed for the school aged kids. 

the nitty gritty

Tuesday - Friday
6am - 3pm
8am - 3pm
8am - 2pm

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4 Bailey Road

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